Sales Superstarter

Join a record setting Sales Coach weekly on ZOOM for the 10 Week Sales QuickStarter which includes, 10 comprehensive modules of the proprietary Slingshot Method Sales System and 4 Individual Coaching Sessions.

Here's what's included in the Sales Superstarter:

What is the Slingshot Method?

The Slingshot Method is a proprietary Coaching and Training methodology founded on the Art and Science of communication and ethical persuasion. This is not like anything you have seen before! The possibilities are limitless and the good news is all that potential is already inside of you.

The latest brain science is giving us more insight into maximizing our potential. Modern technology is replacing so much of the antiquated sales practices of the past. Don’t leave your future success to the same old boring Sales Training.

Join a group of peers across the country who want more for their lives and their businesses. Groups are limited to 15 and most Groups are no more than 10.

You’ve got some Giant Goals
You just need a little help
And a Slingshot