Sales Assessment

Sales Skills and Ability Assessment

Click here to take our Sales Assessment_ Sales Skills and Ability Assessment Awareness building tool for determining sales growth areas This 50-question assessment, based on the proven practices, principles, art and science of Sales will provide insight into specific areas of growth for Sales Producers and Sales Leaders.   Cathleen Mancino is a Peak Performance … Read more

The 2 Must Have Qualities of a Power Prospector!

The 2 Must Have Qualities of a Power Prospector!

I put myself through college by waitressing. I enjoyed it. I loved the energy of celebration in the dining room and the validation that I had made an evening more enjoyable for my guests as evidenced by the really good tips I received! Years later, as a Sales Professional, that spirit of good service, a great experience, … Read more

Pitch Perfect Sales

Perfect Pitch is the ability to manifest a perfectly in tune, tone pleasant to all who hear it. A perfect pitch in business is also an art form, but it is rare. What I see more often is deaf, blind sales pitching for promoting business deals. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in interruption and … Read more