Overcoming the F.U.D. Factor with the F.U.N. Factor

Marketers know the power of overcoming their competition by using the F.UD. Factor to their advantage. The F.U.D. Factor is fear, uncertainty and doubt. Used strategically in the marketplace, it’s purpose is to activate the inner skeptic. The inner skeptic is change adverse and does not make purchases. It’s a method of manipulation of sales … Read more

Sales Assessment

Click here to take our Sales Assessment_ Sales Skills and Ability Assessment Awareness building tool for determining sales growth areas This 50-question assessment, based on the proven practices, principles, art and science of Sales, will provide insight into specific areas of growth for Sales Producers and Sales Leaders.      

The 2 Must Have Qualities of a Power Prospector!

I put myself through college by waitressing. I enjoyed it. I loved the energy of celebration in the dining room and the validation that I had made an evening more enjoyable for my guests as evidenced by the really good tips I received! Years later, as a Sales Professional, that spirit of good service, great experience and … Read more

The Power of Thinking Inside the Box

In high stress situations the technique that Navy Seals use is a form of “inside the box” thinking. It’s called “Box Breathing.” This technique has been easily learned by my high performing coaching clients and I want to share it with you so that just like Navy Seals and my clients, you can maintain balance and … Read more

Find and Free Your Fanatics!

As a Coach, my goal for my clients is that they become FANTASTIC in the skills, systems and mindsets of building out a business building process that results in an endless stream of new customers and a process that allows for the balance between a financially rewarding professional life and an abundantly enjoyable personal life. … Read more

Pitch Perfect Sales

Perfect Pitch is the ability to manifest a perfectly in tune, tone pleasant to all who hear it. A perfect pitch in business is also an artform, but it is rare. What I see more often is deaf, blind sales pitching for promoting business deals. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in interruption and disruption … Read more

Get Past The Gate Keeper

Recently in my SalesQuickstarter Group one of participants, asked how to manage a situation that he was encountering far too often. It seems that often when he called on a prospective account that he believed would be a good fit, he was not able to gain access to the decision makers. The best he could do … Read more

Golf Psychology is Sales Psychology

I believe subconsciously a lot of us are aiming for what we are trying to avoid. I see it all the time in coaching. Clients tell me how frustrated they are after implementing new strategies only to get the same results or sometimes worse results. So frustrating! Recently, I attended a golf-outing, and I had the opportunity … Read more