Not Dead but Not Alive Either

Last March, a CEO client of mine moved his personal office from his corporate headquarters overlooking the Hudson River in New York City to his kitchen table. While packing up to work from home, he decided to move a plant which had for many years been tucked into a spot between the two windows of … Read more

Sage Sales Tips From a Six Year Old Entrepreneur

Building a top producing sales team to grow an organization has never been easy. Arguably, many factors impact reaching sales targets year after year. Selling as a practice is more art than science. There is more to sales than selling and a lot more to building a sales team that successfully exceeds revenue goals. I learned this … Read more

Decide to Prioritize

As a Business and Life Coach, I have seen that for many clients, decisions can be tough. The technique that I use to help clients make decisions to move them forward is to prioritize the goals we have for our life; who we want to be, what we want to have and what we do. … Read more

Top 10 Strategies For What to Do When ALL HELL Breaks Loose in Your Business or Life

1.   Realize that in fact, all hell is breaking loose in your business and your life. Don’t deny it. Recognize you are in a storm. Denial is dangerous because you can’t manage what you refuse to acknowledge 2.   Accept it. This is the first step to a successful outcome. Don’t panic! A panicked brain is a shut down brain. This is human physiology. When you … Read more

Perspectives from Inside a Pandemic

A coaching client of mine reached out. She said she just volunteered to be self-quarantined. She sneezed a few times, her throat is scratchy, and she is slightly warm to the touch. Her teenager, her millennial and boomer husband are socially distancing themselves from her. Whatever the source of her sniffles, no one is willing nor was … Read more

Emotionally Connected and Socially Distanced

There’s a beach party going on across the canal at my summer house on the Jersey Shore. Apparently, the place where many are choosing to shelter at home is at the beach. While social distancing has made recluses of us all, (and elevated the appreciation of early childhood educators to Rockstar status), many of us are … Read more

Message In a Bottle

The idea of sending a message in a bottle has always seemed a humble and mysterious cry for rescue from a time gone by. But, honestly who among us doesn’t at one time or another need a hope, help or a rescue? Would you rescue me? When I’m by myself? When I need your love. … Read more

Top Habits You Need to Practice to Warranty 2021

Welcome all 2020 overcomers to the hope filled clean slate that is 2021! If you are anything like my clients, you are eager to sink your professional teeth into something meaty and substantial to feed your hungry business for the New Year! You need more than a guarantee for the year ahead. You need a … Read more