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"Good Coaches can change the outcome of a game. Great Coaches change the outcomes of a life."

What holds people back most often?


If we are being honest, most of us have a really good sense of what we want but we overcomplicate it.  Or, we get in our own way.  We refuse to take responsibility in the form of accepting the blame for all the failure, heartbreak and disappointment that has caused us to doubt ourselves.

Don't Overcomplicate it.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work." --Plato

"Coaching has been a valuable and worthwhile investment in my business."

I have been in business for over 33 years now, and finally found a coach that understands me and how I operate. I didn’t come to Cathleen because we were “broken”, although I KNOW she can fix just about anything…but I came to Cathleen because I know I could do better, but just kept hitting a wall. Cathleen has fantastic oral and written communication skills, and certainly has the real-world experience behind her to take on anyone as a coach. As I tell everyone, a coach doesn’t always teach you “new” things you didn’t know before…but a good coach puts things into the right perspective so that you can apply what you’ve learned in a positive manner towards your business. In 6 short months, we have identified the flaws, bottlenecks, and shortcomings in my business between business and client, business and employees, and also shortcomings (and strengths) between owners. Once problems were identified, Cathleen went to work systematically on each and the results were fantastic. Sales are up, stress is down!​us leo.

–Mark Turkel, CEO, Palm Beach Software Design, Inc. 

I understand the challenges of  leading a team and growing a business.  

Doubts, pressure and overwhelm are faithful companions of those of us on the front lines of business!

As a CEO, I had to face down my demons, doubts and  disappointments.  And, as a result, I know from the inside what and how to coach and mentor my clients to help them achieve breakthrough.  

We don’t guess.  We use the power of systems, processes, proven strategies and effective habit building. 

Together, as a team we overcome the obstacles that are holding professionals back. 

It’s powerful business medicine and I was meant to do this with professionals just like you.

I know, if you are reading this you are feeling both hopeful and skeptical. I don’t blame you. That proves you are a thinking, rational minded person sorting through all the distractions and striving to find a solution that works for you.

Let’s schedule some time to chat so I can answer all of your questions.

I’ll be waiting for you. 

Cathleen Mancino
Founder, CEO, Executive Coach

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

“Do I really have what it takes? 

“Do I possess the potential to hit my goals and live the life that I have dreamed of having?”

I already believe in you and we have not even met yet.
I believe in you because you are here, looking for answers.
Like most of us, maybe what you need is a little help...

Nothing, NOTHING is more gratifying than honoring the unique purpose of dreams and passions that call us to what feels unreachable, until we do reach that amazing dream of a career, a business, or a life. Whether it’s a business goal or a quality of life goal, you have some untapped potential that you know is inside of you. 

As a Coach and a Vision Mentor, I work with clients who are committed to overcoming whatever obstacle stands in the way of the goal ahead. They just need a partner who has their back. My clients are bad asses that stop at nothing to achieve their definition of awesome. Together, we uncomplicate whatever holds you back and SLINGSHOT all of your untapped potential to live your best life and achieve your goals.

Take action and life becomes the incredible adventure of hitting big goals and living with abundance.

That was what your life was meant to be.

With the Slingshot System for Sales Leaders, Sales Professionals and Executives, the focus is Income Growth, Individual Fulfillment and Professional Impact

Are you ready to go
for your big goals? Slingshot towards
what your life can be
with a little help from us.
Yes, you can do this!



It doesn’t feel like it but the fastest way to move forward is to be willing to step back and take inventory.  It takes courage and strength to be willing to slow down and embrace a new perspective.  This is the first step.  This is where we take inventory with honesty so we can move forward with clarity of vision!



Often we miss the target because it’s unclear what we are shooting for. We need clarity on the journey and destination.  This is the necessary next step. We need specifics on where we are headed or we won’t get to where we want to be.



Pressure feels uncomfortable. Most people avoid being uncomfortable. We are going to learn how to use pressure as our superpower to fuel growth.

Think of a diamond.  It started as a piece of coal but the pressure made all the difference.  Whatever the pressure is for you; making more money, deciding on a significant life change or managing seemingly impossible circumstances. Pressure is actually a gift.  It points us in the direction of the very thing that we must face and learn to overcome or release. 

Individual Coaching is what most clients choose.
This is what’s included.

1 on 1 Monthly calls or ZOOMs

to strategize the most effective growth game plan to achieve your goals.

Supplemental Modules

on relevant topics as Thriving Personally and Professionally, Sales and Business Growth and Leading with Influence and Impact.

Client Portal Access 24/7

access to resources to fuel skill building and supplement self-study.

Assessment and Metrics

tools to measure the evidence of growth and keep you on track, moving forward with systems and game plans.

According to Inc. Magazine, 96% of businesses fail within 10 years.

The right business coach can help you get there.

What People Say


Here’s feedback from people I’ve helped get to the top 4% so they can grow sales and get happy!

How I Can Help You



For many of us, what holds us back is within.  In the pursuit of goals, we have lost the vital connection to what is personally meaningful for a life of abundance.

Are we enjoying the journey?  Are we being single minded abut one goal at the cost of our health, relationships or personal well-being?  Or have we achieved a goal, only to discover that the destination is not as fulfilling as imagined?

That is why we suggest scheduling a one on one complimentary session to determine if Life Coaching is something that would have value for you.



Business Growth, Sales and Leadership is the core application of the Slingshot-Method.  Coaching is focused on the skills, systems and mindsets of generating revenue.  Cathleen is a profitability expert and experienced in the science and process of Coaching Leaders and  Sales Producers. The impact of this coaching has to be experienced.  That is why, we suggest scheduling a one on one complimentary session to determine if Sales and Leadership Coaching is something that would have value for you.

Are You Ready to Slingshot to Success?

The right business coach can help you get there.

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